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December 1, 2020 3 minutes read

AIOTI joins Openfabric as IOT integration partner

The Openfabric team is pleased to announce some exciting new developments in the course of our project!

Recognizing that the society of tomorrow will allow for not only individuals, but also devices, to be highly interconnected, the Openfabric project has aligned with the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation. This initiative was first started in 2015 by the European Union, with the goal of advancing the research and development of machines that integrate with the sphere of the Internet of Things. Openfabric views this initiative as being complementary to our goal of developing the Internet of AI, and therefore believes adhering to the alliance is a natural step in the right direction.

Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)

The alliance is formed by universities, research institutes, and many private companies that are key players in various fields — such as embedded devices, the telecommunication industry, and microelectronics, just to name a few. You can view a list of those who are united towards this goal on aioti website. Their plan for the foreseeable future is to digitize most sectors of the European Union economy. This is a daring project which has, at its core, most of the technological breakthroughs in recent years — namely smart, embedded IoT devices, AI agents, decentralized systems, and the processing of big data.

Our contribution

As a team that comes from a mainly technological background, the developers behind Openfabric are thrilled to contribute their expertise to the AIOTI. Our main focus is on decentralized systems, blockchains, distributed ledger technologies, and artificial intelligence. We are aware of the fact that within the last few years, there has been a growing interest in organizing smart devices into decentralized networks, and we are very eager to aid in this process. Blockchain, an emerging technology toward which we have dedicated a large degree of interest, will prove to be one of the enabling factors in organizing networks of cooperative smart applications, as it offers an immutable and unforgeable source of information for all the devices connected to the network.

Having developed and maintained decentralized systems and applications, we recognize their immense importance in the economy and the progress of both the present and the future. With the advent of 5G communication, the volumes of data transferred around the networks of smart equipment are going to reach new levels, and managing such complex interactions is going to also raise new challenges. Nevertheless, the ethos here at Openfabric is that managing complex systems is one of the main drivers for innovation.

Looking into the future

Undoubtedly, the decision to adhere to the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation is going to bring about mutually beneficial collaboration between Openfabric and the companies that are already well-established in the alliance. We look forward to the opportunities that arise from this cooperation, and to enriching our know-how by interacting with all the members in this group. As a project for the near future, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of integrating smart devices into the Openfabric ecosystem and transforming it into a platform which enriches cyber-physical systems with the advantages of cognition that are made possible by Artificial Intelligence.

Stay up to date with the developments of the Openfabric project by following us here on the blog, by visiting our website, and by connecting with us on social media platforms. Together, we can bring forth and integrate AI into our lives!


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