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October 19, 2022 5 minutes read

HyperAI and the Power of Telling Stories

The most powerful invention of the human mind is not fire, the power to control atoms or the internet. Instead, something more essential and intrinsic to human nature is the power of imagination and telling stories. Sometimes the stories we relate to our children and ourselves propel us to advance and invent new things, conquer new frontiers and go where no one was before.

Every once in a while, we see some groundbreaking technical innovations like the Internet, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain with massive potential to improve our lives. We see the potential, but we don’t see the actual results.

Before seeing this exponential potential of improving our lives brought to reality, we need to change the story about AI.

The potential of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the enrichment of machines with human-like intelligence. Concurrently, intelligent machines are built to augment and enhance human capabilities. AI drives the transition to a new type of society in which intelligence is the governing factor, as well as a new vehicle for exchanging value.

Any progress made in this area has a disruptive potential on everything by addressing the most challenging problems we are currently facing, such as climate change, the energy crisis, new treatments for diseases, and stabilizing the economy.

In essence, AI has the potential to create wealth and stability for everyone. 

From Narrow AI to AGI

However, the current systems implemented by the tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon can’t create such elaborate solutions while focusing on isolated, closed, and narrow AI solutions.  We are in the infancy of AI, where we see an incremental and slow transition from narrow to deep AI. To overcome this, we need to create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a natural intelligence capable of deducing new solutions from existing knowledge and information.

The Limitations of Narrow AI

While most current research focuses on creating more accurate and extensive models, we hit a fundamental limitation: the capacity of our existing hardware infrastructure. In essence, we need to wait for more powerful computing infrastructure, both GPU and CPU, to advance in creating more robust solutions with bigger models. This approach opens a vicious circle where the big corporations are limiting access to AI even tighter.

A Step Closer to AGI, presenting HyperAI

Today we are announcing a major breakthrough resulting from years of experimentation and fundamental research validated by the scientific community in relevant papers like:


Our team has created a novel approach to composite AI. A closer step to AGI, and we call this innovation HyperAI.

HyperAI combines advanced cryptography concepts, Blockchain technology, and advanced knowledge representation based on ontologies and semantic models to create the most potent AI ecosystem.

The Storyteller HyperAI

To fully comprehend the potential of HyperAI, we created a use case for Storyteller. This new AI system lets people turn text prompts into brief, high-quality AI-illustrated and AI-narrated videos. The output of our demo can be seen in the following video:

In the process, the Storyteller HyperAI combines multiple AI models:

  • Text-to-image model
  • Voice cloning model
  • Music composing model

Openfabric HyperAI - Storyteller

From text to Storyteller

I guess one is fortunate enough to witness such incredible things. Not to mention having any unique, maybe once-in-a-lifetime chance to work on one of them.
The image below depicts the high-level conceptual architecture of the Storyteller implementation using the current standard implementation.


Such architecture requires massive computational resources, and specialized GPU/CPU hardware is expensive and hardly accessible unless you are Google or Amazon. Or you have something like this in the back of your yard :).

Computational resources

Openfabric HyperAI changes the paradigm, allowing the parts of the presented model to be executed on different machines and combining the overall outcome. This is a major breakthrough since it enables the execution of complex AI implementation on commodity infrastructure.

In other words same GPU/CPU computing power is currently used for other activities like mining, gaming, and cloud computing can be used to run AI.


and …. this is HUGE!

Food for thoughts

Artificial Intelligence is pushing creative expression forward by giving people tools to quickly and easily create new content. Its importance is being felt with every passing day, and its application is being found in more fields and industries.

The true potential of the AI world will be unlocked by platforms that will enable others to run AI applications. The AI industry is gradually moving to this cloud-first approach but building such platforms is a herculean task itself.

Acting as a tool for creators, Openfabric allows others to create interesting AI applications by using its platform. This is a true revolution in the field of AI and will undoubtedly result in adding immense value to the industry.

Interested in trying HyperAI?

Now, you can easily jump on the AI bandwagon without having to learn any coding. Let us know if you’re interested in finding out more about what Openfabric offers by clicking get access to the platform.

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