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February 7, 2024 8 minutes read

January Ecosystem Roundup

January brought a flurry of exciting developments to Openfabric AI in the kickoff of 2024. From noteworthy giveaways and engaging AMA sessions to forging partnerships with leading projects, the month was filled with remarkable achievements. Join us as we explore the highlights that shaped the beginning of this promising year.

Dmail subscribers increase

With minimal promotion, our Dmail subscriber count soared from zero to an impressive 10,000, and with a little extra push, we hit a remarkable milestone of 25,000 subscribers! Huge applause to our partners at Dmail for their invaluable support in this incredible journey.

Be a part of the excitement by joining us on Dmail and subscribing to our newsletter at:


Pop Social Pop Social is the next generation social gateway to Web3. The platform will bridge the gap between traditional social media and the Web3 shared social experience. Learn more 👉
Fox Wallet Fox wallet is an easy web3 entrance built in multi-chain ecosystems. ℹ️ Try it here:
Vuzzmind VuzzMind is a platform for tailored artificial intelligence encounters, not just a chatbot. At VuzzMind, the mission is to enable people to build their own AI chatbots and have deep, meaningful interactions with other people. ℹ️ Learn more about Vuzzmind here:

Community survey

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, we prioritize gathering feedback from our community to gain insight into their perspectives on our performance.

Recently, we conducted a comprehensive community survey aimed at identifying areas where we can enhance our efforts in 2024.

We invite you to take a few moments to share your thoughts on our project by participating in the survey:

Career is live

Are you seeking the opportunity to provide your services to a major corporation while enjoying flexible work conditions and competitive compensation?

Openfabric’s career platform is now active, extending an invitation to individuals interested in joining the next generation of GEM talent.

Explore available opportunities here:

Community feedback on testnet

Our public testnet has received an abundance of feedback from the community, with the majority being overwhelmingly positive. This reinforces our dedication to delivering excellence within the industry.

Be a part of this process by joining our testnet and sharing your valuable feedback:

Community rewards

Devoted to acknowledging our loyal community members, we released enticing rewards for those who have been with us through 2023.

Find out more about Openfabric 2023 Loyalty Community Rewards here

But that’s not all – we’ve also extended the opportunity for them to convert their GEMs to USDT. It’s our way of expressing gratitude to the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of our community.

Exchange your GEMs for USDT was a recent opportunity that you might have missed! Participants had the chance to claim a 140 USDT reward for every 900 GEMs exchanged. The campaign, which lasted for 5 days from 11.01.2024 to 16.01.2024, provided users with a window to take advantage of this enticing offer.

It’s always exciting to be part of such promotions, and it’s a reminder to keep an eye out for future opportunities to make the most of your digital assets.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments!


January was a month filled with numerous engaging AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions that brought together industry leaders and influential figures. Our lineup featured esteemed speakers such as Bybit, lightcycle, and even the renowned British singer, Robbie Williams.

For an insightful recap of these enlightening sessions, be sure to visit the link provided below. It’s a chance to revisit the valuable discussions and key insights shared by these top-notch speakers. Check out the highlights and relive the moments that made our January AMA sessions truly exceptional.

AMA Host Recap
Dubai Community
Geek Chat
Crypto City
Lightcycle with Bybit and Robbie Williams 
Crypto Astronaut 
Crypto panda 

Validator onboarding

Over 150 members are poised to join the elite group dedicated to securing our network.
The chance to become a part of our validator program is still available.

Don’t miss out, join us now:

The impact of Openfabric on Ai innovation

In the fast-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the emergence of Openfabric has sparked a revolutionary shift in the way innovators, data providers, businesses, and infrastructure providers collaborate.

Founded by Andrei Tara, Openfabric is more than just a platform; it symbolizes a transformative force, inviting all interested parties to participate in shaping a limitless future of innovation.

👉Let’s take a look on The Impact of Openfabric on AI Innovation:

Chainleak podcast

Check out the fantastic episode of #ChainLeakPodcast featuring a deep dive into “Blockchain Powered AI” with our CEO, Andrei Tara.

In case you missed it, catch the recap on:



$OFN utility

Embarking on the forefront of the AI revolution, Openfabric takes the lead! 🚀
We’ve introduced a range of $OFN utilities, transforming the landscape of our AI interactions, and this is only the beginning! 🤩
For more information, explore our current $OFN utilities, with additional thrilling use cases unfolding gradually:

2024 Roadmap

Our updated roadmap for 2024 is now live! 🎉

Packed with exciting enhancements, our roadmap includes milestones such as CEX listing, mainnet launch, wallet launch, and much more.

Take a closer look at what’s in store for us ahead!

~1M $OFN Staked

Celebrating a milestone, approximately 1 million $OFN has been staked on our staking platform! 🥳

Seize the opportunity to stake your $OFN for substantial rewards before the pool reaches its capacity.

Ready to stake? Visit:

GPU system requirement is live

Exciting news! Openfabric GPU System Requirements have been officially unveiled! 🥳

Ready to monetize your GPU? 🤔 Follow these steps 🪜:
1️⃣ Ensure you meet the requirements by checking here:
2️⃣ Join our Discord server and request the GPU mining role:
3️⃣ Stay tuned for more updates and information. Exciting times ahead!


January marked a momentous start for Openfabric AI in 2024, characterized by a flurry of achievements and milestones. From our Dmail subscriber count skyrocketing to impressive partnerships with leading projects like Pop Social, Fox Wallet, and Vuzzmind, the month was filled with remarkable progress. We’re grateful for the support of our partners and community, as we continue to push the boundaries of AI innovation.

Looking ahead, our 2024 roadmap promises even more excitement, with opportunities for community engagement, rewards, and advancements in our utility offerings. Together, we’re shaping a future where innovation knows no bounds.

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