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January 2, 2024 7 minutes read

Openfabric December Ecosystem Roundup

December kicked off on a high note and concluded even more impressively! Throughout the month, our ecosystem was buzzing with exciting events, including partnerships, insightful AMA sessions, generous giveaways, notable feature launches, fresh listings, and much more. Let’s take a look back at everything that happened at Openfabric in December.

Art NFT Generator

We launched an easy-to-use NFT Generator that could easily generate any NFT you can imagine of, all you need to do is to think of any image, generate for free and mint with gems.

Though, we had not announced many use cases of this collection, This NFT can be traded on any NFT marketplace.

To create scarcity and attract more value, we closed this opportunity to mint Art NFT 20 days later.

The more exciting news is that we are planning to launch another NFT with more exciting features and usecases.
You can learn more about our Art NFT Generator here:

Soundfabric was added to testnet

For those who’ve been keeping up with us, you might recall our Public testnet with only few of the Ai apps despite having over 50 Ai apps ready to launch. We had added only 2 apps, Artfabric, Memefabric and now we added the Soundfabric.
Now you can generate sounds via the testnet. Give it a try here:


As you know, a month never goes by without securing too partnerships:

Dmail Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure built to provide encrypted emails.Learn more about our partnership: 
Space ID Openfabric AI and SPACE ID have joined forces to introduce the revolutionary Web3 Name SDK by SPACE ID into the Openfabric platform.Our latest integration opens the door to seamless Web3 domain usage, including .bnb names in our public testnet. Learn more 👉
Assetux Assestux is All DeFi liquidity in one interface. Trade cross-chain EVM compatible cryptocurrencies with VISA/MasterCard. No-
KYC until $1050 lifetime. Learn more:
Laplus.Ai is a state-of-the-art SportsFi AI that leverages the capabilities of AI reinforcement learning to assist you in generating profits.Visit for more information
SecondLive SecondLive is an all-in-one Web3 metaverse marketing hub equipped with an AIGC toolchain and XR technology.Explore NFTs minted on Openfabric AI in the SecondLive Metaverse. Find yours here 👉

Unlocks Superintelligence

One of our standout accomplishments in December was the rollout of transformative features set to redefine the future of AI and our interactions with it. From the introduction of developer tools and the expansion of blockchain interoperability to the launch of a validator program and GPU monetization, these features are very important to the future of decentralized Ai.

Developer toolkitWe launched our Developer tool. With Openfabric Ai, any developer can now build any Ai app they can imagine of.
Our API and frameworks allows developers to easily create, deploy and monetize Ai apps.Sounds cool right? Learn more here:

See it live in action:

Expanding blockchain interoperabilityOpenfabric makes communication among blockchain easier without intermediaries. This allows blockchains to transfer information and values like never before!Openfabric Ai has integrated Ai into smart contracts across all EVM Compatible chains.Learn more here:

Watch how Openfabric Ai integrates Ai into smart contract across all EVM compatible chains:

Validators programWe are giving opportunity to everyone to join the validator program. This is an opportunity to be part of a group securing our network.Fill this form and more information will be passed across to you:

Monetize your GPU powerIt’s time to monetize your GPU power system!
Join our infrastructure provider program and turn your GPU and CPU power system into a source of profit.Ready to join? Fill this form and join other infrastructure providers:

Here is an early opportunity to join the future of Ai and take part in redefining Ai.


We value our community members and we have our sone rewards to the active ones!

Openfabric x NFTFeed giveaway We gave out $100 to 10 winnersJoin here:
Assetux x Openfabric Openfabric AI’s $OFN token is soon to be listed on Assetux! This marks a new chapter in our journey.To celebrate, we launched a GIVEAWAY of 1000 OFN tokens!Learn more:
Openfabric x TaskOn Taskmas Carnival on #TaskOn! Round 2 is here!OpenfabricAI has joined Taskmas celebration! Complete tasks to win your GEMs! Claim points to unlock the exciting opportunities to win final epic rewards of 60,000+ $USDT!

Staking V2 is launched

The enthusiasm for staking $OFN and enjoying attractive ROI has been overwhelming, leading to a swift filling of our initial staking pool.

Recognizing the growing interest, we’re excited to introduce Staking V2! This updated version offers exclusive rewards for community members committed to holding their $OFN over an extended period.

Don’t miss out! Stake your $OFN here before the slots fill up again:


We had an exciting AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Altcoinbuzz. For those who might have missed out or want to revisit the insightful discussions, worry not! You can catch up on the entire session right tuned for more engaging events and discussions. Until next time!

Christmas surprise

In the spirit of giving, much like Santa Claus on Christmas, we’ve decided to fulfill a longstanding wish of our community members.The community members have long yearned for new listing and we granted their wish by listing on a top tier CEX.

After Kucoin and bitgert listing, $OFN is now listed on MEXC.

Trade $OFN on MEXC here:

Circulating supply verified on Coinmarketcap

We’ve received official verification from Coinmarketcap (CMC) for our $OFN token!
This means you can now access real-time data on circulating supply, market cap, and more.Check it out:

December was fantastic, and we’re gearing up for an even more exciting January and year ahead! Stay tuned, as we have a plethora of incredible news and updates in store for you throughout the year.

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