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June 7, 2024 5 minutes read

Development of Technology, From Stone Age to AI

From the time of the first men, innovation has been key to the survival of the human race. That is why until now, despite our technological advancement, new technologies emerge to cater to our needs.
The development of technology has brought us to where we are today and beyond that. It has taken us way beyond where experts thought we would be. A simple example is the impossibility of flying a huge metal in the atmosphere. However, when the need arose, technology rose to the rank.

It is important to remember that these technologies we have presently were not always there. Some of them took decades of research work and experimenting to finally get there.

Many countries these days have included a serious technology curriculum to ensure the continuity and growth of technology. As technology continues to grow, it is important that we acknowledge where it all began.

In this article, we will be looking at the development of technology over the last thousands of years up until where we are now.
Let’s dive in.

 Highlighting the development of technology in our world

One would admit that we have come a long way technologically. The past two to three decades have seen a massive increase in the invention and use of new technology for meeting human needs. A lot of these advancements are barely upgrades to the existing tech we have.

To paint an accurate picture of how far we’ve come, let us look at the development of technology in three stages namely; the early stage, the intermediate stage and the latest stage.

The Early Stage

The Early stage of technology and innovation dates as far back as the 3000 B.C. This stage is the one generally referred to as the stone age. It covers the use of crude tools such as stone and wood to the crafting of basic survival tools.

This early stage is subclassified into;

  • The stone age: characterized by the use of stone tools and weapons.
  • The bronze age: it is widely identified as a stage where the use of bronze and copper tools.
  • The iron age: this is where the innovation of melting iron for use began.

Each of these stages marked an important part in the development of technology. In general they are referred to as the primitive ages.

The Intermediate Stage

This stage saw major technological advancements including the invention of most of the tools we use today. It is a very long stage that spans between the 12th-18th and even up to the 19th century.

The intermediate stage in the development of technology precedes the availability of electricity. This posed a major setback in the development of digital tools and technology.

The Latest Stage: the birth of Openfabric AI

This stage began around the 19th century up until the 21st century. It saw major developments in terms of the availability of electricity. This made the large scale production of tools and equipment possible. Around the 20th century there was production of early computers and other electronic devices such as electronic calculators.

This stage is further subclassified into two other stages namely;

  • Electronic age: the electronic age has been explained above. It started around the 20th century with the production of early computers and other electronic devices. This stage is the birthmark of modern computers and Openfabric AI.
  • Information age: also known as a digital age this stage has seen major changes in information and technology. A key player in the development in this stage is Openfabric AI.
    Openfabric AI stands in the middle of this age creating smart innovations to make life easier for people. By pushing the borders of technology, Openfabric AI is creating AI based solutions to meet the demands of people.

Openfabric AI as the Final Development of Technology

Unlike the other AI apps on the internet these days, Openfabric AI is the future of the information age with its AI, smart powered solutions.

Keeping in mind the best interest of you, our user, we are creating mind-blowing solutions to cater to your needs. As an all round AI application, we are heading towards being your go-to for whatever digital problem you may encounter now in the future.

These are the things that make us the future of technology and AI .

Harnessing blockchain technology: Blockchain technology, once viewed with skepticism, it’s steadily gaining ground as a secure way of sharing information within a network. This development of technology will see massive increase in finance as it serves as a third party to validate transactions between two parties.

Peer-to-peer marketplace: Openfabric AI is capitalizing on the method of buying and selling where the buyer can interact directly with a seller, negotiate and initiate a transaction. This eliminates the need for a middle man in the transaction process and transfer of funds.

The result of this is a faster and more trustworthy method of purchasing. It would also give you the opportunity to buy for a fair price since you would be making the purchase directly from the original seller.

A reliable payment system: The platform ensures a fast, reliable and fast payment platform for transactions. It protects the buyer and the seller by

  • Ensuring that the buyer has the purchasing power needed for the transaction
  • Ensuring that the seller has provided what is to be sold.

User identity safety: One of the major fears of the users of other AI applications is the disclosure of the identity. At Openfabric AI however we have systems user protection systems on protocols in place to ensure that your data is safe with us. We also provide users with full rights and ownership of their digital identity.

Center of innovation and creativity: We live in a very artistic world such that in the nearest future, digital art would be a form of expresssion by many artists. As such we have platforms and applications to encourage such creativity and innovation that will be seen from many artists in the near future.


Openfabric AI is here now to change the face of the growing development of technology. As the last stage of technological development, we are everything needed in AI technology. As a plus, we are building more and evolving to be at the crux of AI technology forever.
Openfabric AI is indeed the internet of AI.

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