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March 6, 2024 10 minutes read

February Ecosystem Roundup

As we bid farewell to February, let’s reflect on the remarkable highlights that shaped the ecosystem during the month. From partnerships to soaring ATH milestones and captivating community engagements, February showcased Openfabric’s commitment to innovation and growth. Join us as we explore the exhilarating journey of achievements and milestones that define this dynamic ecosystem in February.

GPU System requirements

The month kicked off on a high note for our team, bringing us one step closer to achieving our goals. We’re excited to announce the release of requirements for GPU system providers, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Are you ready to turn your GPU into a valuable asset with Openfabric Ai? Here’s how you can get started:
1: Confirm that you meet the requirements by visiting our documentation page: Link to Requirements
2: Join our Discord server and request the GPU mining role to unlock exclusive benefits: Discord Invitation
3: Keep an eye out for more information and updates as we delve deeper into this exciting development.

The journey to monetizing your GPU begins now! Don’t miss out on this opportunity with Openfabric Ai. Stay tuned for more details and join us in shaping the future of GPU mining.

Stake To Earn campaign

In a gesture of appreciation to our amazing community, we announced exciting rewards for our dedicated Fabricators.

A generous $10,000 was distributed among randomly selected participants who have staked their $OFN. Additionally, $520 in rewards awaits the top referrers who have played a pivotal role in spreading the word.

Learn more about the details of the Stake-To-Earn campaign by visiting: Stake-To-Earn Campaign.

$OFN All Time High

Our commitment extends beyond product development—we’re dedicated to enhancing the value of $OFN!

Throughout the month of February, $OFN shattered numerous all-time highs, and the excitement doesn’t stop there—it’s still on the rise.

In February alone, $OFN reached an impressive $0.62, and the upward trend continues. This achievement is a testament to the confidence our investors have placed in us, proving that they made the right decision in trusting us with their funds.

But that’s not all—there’s more to look forward to. We have exciting plans, including new listings on centralized exchanges (CEX) for $OFN, promising positive impacts on its price.

Stay tuned as we ride the waves of success together, pushing $OFN to even greater heights!


Eesee Eesee is a one-stop liquidity solution for sellers, with a fun and safe raffle system at an affordable cost. Tailored for digital assets, tokens and RWAs. Learn more:
Root Root is building an operating system with the composition of an intent-centric aggregator of digital identity, virtual accounts, social graphs, and more to enable unified access to Web3. Memefabric is now accessible via Root community. Try it here:
Orble Orbler is a dynamic Web3 marketing platform bridging Web2 audiences, offering missions, staking, and community-driven growth strategies.Memefabric is now accessible via Root community. Try it here:
Friend3 is a #Web3 social dApp merging #SocialFi , #AI and #inscriptions, enabling connections and profits in the Web3 world. Soon, $OFN will be listed on Friend3 as a donation token. Learn more:

TVL Increase

Beyond $OFN’s rising values, the Total Value Locked (TVL) on PancakeSwap has been a remarkable journey of growth.

Starting from an impressive initial value of $400k, the TVL has consistently surged and recently hit the remarkable milestone of $1 million.

For a detailed exploration of $OFN’s Total Value Locked, check out: $OFN TVL on PancakeSwap.

Join us in celebrating this significant achievement as $OFN continues to make waves not only in its individual value but also in the broader landscape of Total Value Locked on PancakeSwap.

70+ Ai apps developed

In the shadows, our dedicated team has been diligently working, resulting in the creation of a whopping 70+ AI apps powered by the #Openfabricai protocol.

The future is promising, as individuals will soon gain the ability to create, leverage, and monetize their own AI applications. Check out the innovation firsthand by exploring our testnet at: Openfabric Testnet.

Join us on this exciting journey as we empower users to harness the potential of AI applications, making technology more accessible and impactful than ever before!


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VuzzMind – Watch Twitter AMA

Openfabric Statistics

Delve into the world of Openfabric Ai development with our newly available statistics feature. Now, you can conveniently explore the code activity directly from our website.

Satiate your curiosity and gain insights by visiting: Openfabric Statistics.

Explore, as we bring transparency and accessibility to the forefront of Openfabric Ai’s development journey. Uncover the numbers and trends shaping our progress!

Asia community is live

With our community flourishing and reaching new heights, we’re happy to announce our expansion to the Asian region. To foster stronger connections and communication in local languages, we’ve introduced a dedicated Telegram group exclusively for our Asian community members.

Join fellow Asians and be part of the conversation in your local language by clicking here: OpenfabricAi Asia Telegram Group.

Embrace the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, share insights, and contribute to the vibrant discussions as we continue to grow and strengthen our global Openfabric community.

200k followers on twitter

The month of February brought about a significant increase in our audience, translating to a surge in followers across our social media platforms.

We’re elated to share the news that we’ve surpassed the milestone of 200,000 followers on Twitter!

Thank you for being part of our journey as we continue to expand and engage with our ever-growing community. Your support fuels our passion for innovation and collaboration!

Economic interaction

At the heart of Openfabric’s innovation lies a built-in peer-to-peer marketplace, designed to streamline transactions among key stakeholders.

For a deeper understanding of the economic interactions within Openfabric Ai, explore our comprehensive whitepaper at: Openfabric Whitepaper.

Discover the intricate details of how Openfabric facilitates seamless transactions and fosters a dynamic ecosystem.

Meme contest

In the spirit of creative expression, we announced the Openfabric Ai #Memecontest. Here’s a quick recap of the event:

Participants were invited to showcase their wit and humor by following these simple criteria:
Craft an engaging meme.
Share the meme by quoting the contest post using the hashtag #Openfabricaimemecontest.

The meme with the highest organic engagement stood a chance to win fantastic rewards.

The contest spanned from February 16th to February 23rd, allowing participants ample time to unleash their creativity.

Thank you to all participants for making the #Memecontest a lively and enjoyable event! Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to showcase your creativity with Openfabric Ai.

Openfabric ranks #4 at Certik

We’re happy to share that #Openfabricai has secured an impressive position at #4 on CertiK’s new-launch leaderboard.

For an in-depth look at our standing and to explore the details, head over to CertiK’s leaderboard: Certik New Launch Leaderboard.

This achievement is a testament to our commitment to transparency, security, and excellence.

Openfabric Algorithm Composition

This feature empowers users to unlock new possibilities by blending the functionalities of multiple AI models.

For a comprehensive understanding of this innovative capability, check out our whitepaper at: Openfabric Whitepaper.

Discover how the Openfabric algorithm composition is revolutionizing the landscape of AI solutions, and embark on a journey of boundless creativity and potential!

Nvidia Inception Program

We’re excited to announce that Openfabric AI has been officially approved to join the prestigious NVIDIA Inception Program, solidifying our position as a leader in AI computing.

For a detailed insight into this significant achievement, check out our blog post at: Openfabric AI Approved into NVIDIA Inception Program.

Discover how this recognition propels us forward in the realm of AI innovation, opening new doors and opportunities.

Chat to earn contest

We brought you the #Openfabricai Chat-To-Earn contest, where participants had the opportunity to earn daily USD rewards simply by engaging in conversations on Telegram and Discord.

The winners were determined based on the top real conversations, making it an exciting and dynamic competition.

Although the contest has concluded, we invite you to stay connected with Openfabric AI on Telegram at: OpenfabricAI Telegram and Discord at: OpenfabricAI Discord for future updates, events, and more opportunities to engage and earn!


In February, Openfabric AI showcased remarkable strides in innovation and community engagement. From releasing GPU system requirements to rewarding our dedicated community with the Stake-To-Earn campaign, we’ve solidified our commitment to driving growth and accessibility. With partnerships forged, milestones shattered, and new horizons on the horizon, we’re poised for even greater success. As we bid farewell to February, we extend our gratitude to our supportive community and invite you to join us on the journey ahead as we continue to shape the future of AI together.

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