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Openfabric AI Approved into the Nvidia Inception Program

March 1, 20249 minutes read

With respect to our commitment to the development of the world of Artificial Intelligence, we are proud to announce that NVIDIA, the AI computing leader has recognized Openfabric as a top innovator in the NVIDIA Inception Program.
This article is poised to address a couple of facts users may need to know about regarding this development.

NVIDIA has pioneered accelerated computing to tackle challenges that otherwise can’t be solved. They engineer technology for the da Vincis and Einsteins of our time. Their work in AI is transforming industries valued at more than $100 trillion, from gaming to healthcare to transportation. This has profoundly impacted our society. They have a massive impact in virtually all industries one can think of. Now Openfabric is joining forces with NVIDIA to develop the world of AI. Founded in 1993, they have 22,500+ staff strength in over 50 countries. They have a $1 trillion available market opportunity and over 3 million developers in the NVIDIA Developer Program. NVIDIA is the world’s engine of AI. Services from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Pinterest, PayPal, Snapchat, Spotify, and 25,000 other companies are built and run on NVIDIA AI technologies. We can agree that NVIDIA is a leading force in the tech world today.

Openfabric has secured approval for NVIDIA Inception, marking a significant leap forward for our protocol. This achievement opens the doors to a myriad of opportunities for developers, providing them with a springboard to create next level AI applications. Let’s go into the details of why this approval is a momentous feat and explore the enticing prospects it holds for developers.

NVIDIA has an amazing rating in the NASDAQ markets;

Nvidia officially Welcoming Openfabric AI to Inception Program

NVIDIA AI Foundation Models: Elevating Performance

Openfabric’s approval for NVIDIA Inception is a big deal because it lets developers access the powerful NVIDIA AI Foundation Models. These models, found on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC), are a carefully chosen collection of community and NVIDIA-created models. What makes them special is that they are designed to work at their best, ensuring developers can get the most out of their AI applications.

Now, developers can use these models directly from their web browsers using APIs or a graphical user interface (GUI). This makes exploring them super easy. You can customize them easily, and deploying them through AI Foundation Endpoints is a breeze. This not only makes development smoother but also gives developers the tools to create applications that work better and faster.

In simpler terms, Openfabric’s approval means developers get special access to really good AI models from NVIDIA. These models work great, and now, using them is as easy as using the internet. You can change them to fit what you need, and putting them into action is simple. This not only makes it easier to create things with AI but also makes them work better.

So, in a nutshell, Openfabric’s approval for NVIDIA Inception means developers can use top-notch AI models that are easy to work with and make applications that perform really well.

NVIDIA Developer Program: A Wealth of Resources

Joining Openfabric is a smart move for developers, and one of the great perks is the access to the NVIDIA Developer Program. This program is NVIDIA’s way of showing their dedication to helping and supporting developers worldwide.

When you sign up with Openfabric, you gain unparalleled access to free tools and resources. You get exclusive tutorials, forums, and other helpful tools that are only available to members. This creates an environment where collaboration and learning never stop. It speeds up the development process. Also ensures that developers get the support they need to overcome challenges and come up with innovative solutions.

In simpler terms, being part of Openfabric means you get special access to NVIDIA’s Developer Program. This program gives you lots of free stuff to help you learn and work better. You get tutorials and tools that only members can use. This helps everyone work together and keeps learning going. It makes developing things faster, and you always have the help you need when things get tough.

Exploring Openfabric’s Recommended SDKs

Openfabric’s commitment to empowering developers extends beyond the NVIDIA ecosystem. To help developers find the best solutions for their work, Openfabric has curated a list of SDK recommendations based on company profiles. Let’s explore some of the standout recommendations:

MONAI Deploy App SDK: Transforming Healthcare Imaging

For developers diving into healthcare imaging, the MONAI Deploy App SDK is a total game-changer. This toolkit, packed with handy tools, makes it a breeze for developers to dream up, build, and check AI-driven apps for healthcare imaging.

When you bring the MONAI Deploy App SDK into play, your healthcare apps take a giant leap forward. This kit doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk in pushing the boundaries of medical imaging. Thanks to this toolkit, developers can craft strong and efficient solutions that tackle the unique hurdles in healthcare AI applications.

Now, let’s unpack why this toolkit is so cool. Imagine you’re a developer in the healthcare imaging world. You want to create apps that don’t just work but excel in the medical scene. That’s where the MONAI Deploy App SDK steps in like a superhero for developers.

Think of it as a toolbox. This toolbox doesn’t just sit there looking pretty; it equips developers with the tools they need to create apps that stand tall in the healthcare field. It’s not just about building any app; it’s about crafting solutions that meet the specific challenges of healthcare AI.

For this reason, with MONAI Deploy App SDK, developers aren’t just pushing buttons; they’re making a real impact in medical imaging. This toolkit gives them the power to bring their A-game to the healthcare sector. It’s like having a secret weapon that lets developers create solutions that matter in the world of medical technology.

So, when developers tap into the MONAI Deploy App SDK, they’re not just coding; they’re shaping the future of healthcare imaging. This toolkit isn’t about complicated jargon; it’s about giving developers the tools they need to make a real difference in the world of medical technology.

FLARE: Pioneering Federated Learning

FLARE, short for Federated Learning Active Runtime Environment, is like a special toolkit from NVIDIA. This toolkit is all about keeping your data safe while still making powerful AI models. It’s open-source, meaning anyone can use it and make it better. If you’re into machine learning or data science, FLARE lets you tweak your existing projects without worrying about your data getting into the wrong hands.

Now, what makes FLARE cool is that it changes the game for creating smart computer models. Usually, to make a good model, you need lots of data, but that data can be sensitive and private. FLARE solves this issue by allowing you to build strong and useful AI models without sharing your secret data. It’s like creating a super-smart robot without telling it all your secrets.

Imagine you’re a developer, and you want to use FLARE. Well, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can dive into federated learning, a way of making models smarter by combining knowledge from different sources. And here’s the kicker – FLARE ensures your models are powerful and follow strict privacy rules. It’s like having the best of both worlds – smart models and data protection.

In a nutshell, FLARE is a game-changer. It’s like a superhero toolkit for developers and data scientists, making sure they can create powerful AI models without exposing their sensitive data. With FLARE, the future of privacy-friendly and powerful AI is within reach.

NeMo Megatron: Unleashing Language Model Training

For big language models, NeMo Megatron stands out as the fastest framework for training models with billions and trillions of parameters. This means it helps developers teach computer programs to understand and generate human-like language more quickly. NeMo Megatron is efficient in organizing and processing data, using techniques like Data, tensor, and pipeline parallelism. These techniques help break down and handle large amounts of information simultaneously. Thereby making it a top choice for developers who want to train advanced language models.

When developers use NeMo Megatron, they can do really cool things in language model training. It opens up new possibilities for improving how computers understand and work with human language. So, it’s not just about teaching computers to talk, but about pushing the limits of what they can do with language.

NeMo Megatron is a big force for language model training. It helps developers teach computers to understand and use language in powerful ways. It’s a game-changer for those who want to create innovative applications in natural language processing and understanding. With NeMo Megatron, the world of language models becomes more exciting and full of potential.

Why Openfabric? A Call to Developers

As the curtains rise on Openfabric’s approval for NVIDIA Inception and the enticing SDK recommendations, the call to developers becomes more compelling than ever. Here’s why developers should consider joining Openfabric:

Seamless Integration and Optimization

Openfabric’s integration with NVIDIA Inception signifies a seamless pathway for developers to access amazing tools and models. The optimization for peak performance ensures that developers can extract the maximum potential from their AI applications, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Community Collaboration

Joining Openfabric aligns developers with a thriving community driven by a shared passion for AI innovation. The collaborative environment ensures that developers can learn, share insights, and overcome challenges together, accelerating the pace of development.

Access to Exclusive Resources

The inclusion of Openfabric in NVIDIA Inception opens the gateway to exclusive resources through the NVIDIA Developer Program. This includes tutorials, forums, and support tools, providing developers with the necessary arsenal to navigate the complexities of AI development successfully.

Tailored SDK Recommendations

Openfabric takes a careful approach in suggesting software development kits (SDKs) to make things easier for developers. Their curated list ensures that developers can easily find the right tools for their specific needs. This not only makes the development process smoother but also helps save time and resources.

Being approved for NVIDIA Inception is a big deal for Openfabric. It’s not just a milestone but also a signal for developers looking for an exciting and innovative space to work on AI applications. Joining Openfabric means entering a world of endless possibilities with access to NVIDIA AI Foundation Models, the Developer Program, and a handpicked selection of SDK recommendations. In the world of tech today, Openfabric showcases the power of collaboration in driving AI innovation. For developers, this is a golden opportunity. Join Openfabric, explore the recommended SDKs, and be at the forefront of the AI revolution. The future of AI application development is happening now, and Openfabric is the gateway to unlocking its full potential.

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, Openfabric is a shining example of teamwork pushing AI innovation forward. The invitation is clear – developers, take this chance. Connect with Openfabric, try out the recommended SDKs, and become a leader in the AI revolution. The era of AI application development is unfolding, and Openfabric is ready to guide you through it.

To sum up, Openfabric’s thoughtful curation simplifies the development process for developers, and being part of NVIDIA Inception opens doors to a world of innovation. Embrace this opportunity, connect with Openfabric, explore the recommended SDKs, and be a pioneer in the ever-evolving landscape of AI application development. The future is now, and Openfabric is your key to success in the world of AI.

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