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June 18, 2024 4 minutes read

Openfabric AI New Updates – Entering a New Era

Openfabric has dominated the AI industry again!

As the internet of AI, Openfabric has once again demonstrated its resolve in creating a one-of-a-kind platform. These new updates are focused on connecting creators with the right tools and creating a seamless experience for end users.

Previously, we were excited about the birth of various AI applications such as the Chat with Documents App and the Text-to-Animation app. Well, these new updates promise to be more exciting as it brings fresh features to the Openfabric AI community and something for the OFN token (don’t know say I told you but get your purses ready!)

Enough of the teasers! Let us see these new updates from Openfabric AI that has got everyone talking.

New Updates to Openfabric AI

Openfabric new updates cut across its different platforms. They are fresh and improved with numerous benefits that you cannot withstand.

Here are the new updates

Protocol Updates

The protocol will now feature developer tools for builders to explore their creativity. These tools will be used by developers to create AI applications and upload them for users.

In addition, end users can now purchase these AI applications depending on what needs they have.

Marketplace Updates

There are numerous new updates coming to AI Xplorer. With currently just five applications opened to the public, Openfabric AI promises to bring more AI applications with numerous uses. These applications cut across several industries and diverse niches.

Introducing payment system for marketplace

Remember when I didn’t say, “get your purses ready”? Well, this is it!
From now on, there will be a very interesting method of payment on the marketplace. If you guessed the OFN token then you are right.

How is this beneficial?

By using the Openfabric OFN token to make purchases on AI apps and other transactions in the marketplace, the token gets more utility. Due to increasing utility of the token, it presents a great investment opportunity with mouth-watering return on investment (ROI).

Asides this, this new update will provide more security for payments because it operates on a blockchain-based platform.

Prompt Marketplace coming soon

An exciting new update coming is that users will now be able to create a unique prompt for each app that is available. Once this prompt is created, they can sell it to other people to use.

The Prompt Marketplace aims to be engaging with prompts and campaign contests in addition to its other features. These contests will incentivize the community by giving users the opportunity to generate more prompts and get rewarded.

Data marketplace coming soon

This new feature will allow Data providers to monetize their data by renting it out.
The data marketplace will have various data providers who will provide data for users. This data can be used to improve user experience on the app and to generate better apps.

These days providers will also ensure a seamless distribution of the massive amount of data that will be used for testing and training AI algorithms.

Mobile application release coming soon

Did I hear Openfabric AI in your pockets? Yes, that is absolutely correct! Openfabric AI wants to create an avenue for users to get access to AI apps on the go. This means that you can work while having lunch at your favorite coffee shop or get creative immediately or as you get inspired.

As if that isn’t enough, you still get everything on the web app on the mobile app.

The mobile applications will have some features such as:

  • Wallet
  • Swap and Payment System
  • News
  • Community
  • Many more to come

Community platforms new updates

Openfabric AI new updates also feature a rebranding of the community platforms. This will see new AI apps that will drive community engagement better. This will also enable community users to gain more rewards by completing tasks.

What are the benefits of these new updates?

The goal of Openfabric AI is to become an AI platform where everyone can have access to all AI technologies. Hence, these new updates

Generally, these updates will:

  • Innovations such as Openfabric AI are providing the tools for individuals to turn their dreams into billion-dollar enterprises.
  • Encourage creativity amongst various creatives in different niches.
  • Improve branding for businesses in different industries
  • Make AI tools easily accessible to users
  • Increase the efficiency of a creative
  • Provide a variety of AI tools at your fingertips.


These new updates hope to bring a new wave of innovations to the Openfabric AI platform. As a decentralized platform, these updates will be accessible to everybody.
Get access to our website so that you too can be in the frontline for these updates.

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