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June 10, 2024 7 minutes read

Openfabric May Roundup

May started and ended with lots of amazing news from the team. From noteworthy giveaways and new Ai Apps introduction to forging partnerships with leading projects, the month was filled with remarkable achievements. Let’s take a look at what happened at Openfabric AI in May.

Openfabric Ai influencer App Introduction

We introduced a couple of Ai applications and the Influencer App is one of them. The information technology era of today introduced many forms of expressing oneself, especially in the field of arts and writing. One specific application of this technology is the Openfabric AI Influencer App where any face can be animated to move in time with audio input and make realistic movements. This app’s functionality spans across brands, enabling the transformation of static images into engaging videos. These are generated through simple steps: uploading a picture, choosing an audio, moving the face around, and watching the magic.

Some options available to the users are face transformations, the output quality of image/audio, text-to-speech, and customized speaker reference. These help in making facial images more realistic and creative. Some of the benefits associated with the app include reaching a new audience, breaking the barriers and limitations, improved site customization, and the ability to serve beginners.

The Influencer app by Openfabric AI can be applied in various sectors including education, digital marketing, science, and technology, which provides tools for creating informative content such as educational content, sales ads, technical content, awareness-creating videos, and many more. Being an easy-to-use application, it provides a perfect solution to meet all demands of creating professional animated content without any prior experience in animation. It has become an irreplaceable application for various industries.

Furthermore, Learn more about Openfabric AI Influencer App here

Chat with document Introduction

Furthermore, We also introduced Chat with Document, an Ai App for your documents. In modern conditions, important information is scattered and can be located in different documents, on various sites or in different archives. Searching for the right information quickly and efficiently may be a daunting task especially if standard search techniques are not efficient. Just think about being able to talk to your documents – asking a question in plain English and getting an accurate and relevant answer. This is precisely what Openfabric AI Chat with Documents offers. It changes the communication paradigm about documents, specific YouTube links, websites, or GitHub URLs since it unifies the conversation with these sources.

Chat with Documents is an advanced AI application that is capable of easy interaction with documents and URLs. Using technologies such as Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and Large Language Models (LLM), this app enables users to pose questions and get answers from a large knowledge base. It performs extremely well in terms of offering relevant and contextualised information that helps improve efficiency and teamwork. No matter whether you need to transcribe YouTube videos, learn website text, or decipher GitHub repositories, Chat with Documents helps simplify the process and accelerates the process of receiving the required information. Due to its efficient operation and numerous functions, this program can become a significant discovery for researchers, developers, students, and other professionals.

You can also learn more about Openfabric Ai Chat with Document here

Openfabric AI Text to Animation

Lastly, We Introduced Openfabric Ai Text to Animation. Openfabric Text to Animation AI app is a revolutionary solution of a new generation in the field of video production. No matter if you are a teacher, a journalist, marketer, or just an artsy person, this app makes it incredibly easy for you to make stunning videos from a single image or a text. It opens up tremendous opportunities in almost all sectors through converting images or text into interesting videos. In media and entertainment, it provokes feelings and reactions that cannot be elicited by still graphics. In education, it plays a role of developing content that makes learning interactive. For marketing, it enables the development of interesting video advertisements and social media posts.

The interface of the app is designed to be easy to navigate so that people of any level of video editing experience can use it. Some notable features are ability to fine-tune video block duration for important content, four Image-to-Video models, direct text-to-video conversion, real-time processing and adjustable frame rates. This versatility and performance make it an ideal tool for a wide range of projects, from massive campaign videos to your endearing movies. Openfabric Text to Animation AI app is a very simple to use app, fast, and powerful tool that would be very useful for anyone who wants to enhance their video production.

Openfabric GitHub journey

We Also looked at Openfabric Ai GitHub journey.

Building the internet for Ai is complex. As of May 2024, Openfabric developers have built 24.52M lines of codes with the statistics below.

  • Java 18.1%
  • Python 16.87%
  • Typescript 13.2%
  • HTML 13.12%
  • Scss 10.35%
  • Astro 10.12%
  • JavaScript 9.56%
  • Shell 7.47%
  • Others 0.87

In addition, you can see Openfabric GitHub Journey since 2021 in the video attached below.

$OFN watchlist on Coingecko

$OFN, Openfabric Ai utility token was launched October 2023 and has some utilities that are launched, utilities like staking, medium of exchange, and many more.

Even though other utilities like payment, reward, Governance, Exclusive access are not launched yet, over 128k people has $OFN on their watchlist on Coingecko.

You can also watch $OFN price movement on coingecko

Component of Openfabric AI

Several abstract system elements of the Openfabric platform are aimed at reducing the overall complexity of infrastructure in order to solve business cases and integrate additional modules, which are presented in the framework of the concept of extension. The primary components are:

  • Openfabric store (DApp): A marketplace that will provide direct access to the end-users and offer them a way to engage with the platform’s features.
  • Openfabric toolkit: IDE extensions, CLI tools, libraries, frameworks, development tools for artificial intelligence creators.
  • Openfabric SDK: Offers the developers a programmatic way to use the various features offered by the platform.
  • Openfabric daemon: A client that has the ability to stay in contact in the network.

Openfabric AI Partnerships in May

In May, we also partnered with very selected top projects. Besides, In June, we are planning to partner with bigger projects.

Let’s take a look at who these projects are!

X-Alpha X-ALPHA will revolutionize how people use Twitter for crypto. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or completely new to Web3, the $XALPHA extension will be your best friend.

Learn more:

X Star XSTAR, the Omnichain Identity Protocol for Proof of Humanity, features an adaptive humanity scoring system that securely and privately authenticates individuals.

Learn more:


Openfabric AI Giveaways in May

In May, we also hosted several giveaways to reward the community members for their loyalty and constant support.

$10k airdrop Openfabric Ai shared $10,000 to 333 random participants for completing some tasks like following our social media platforms.
The campaign has ended and it took place on telegram bot:
Quote and get reward Like, retweet and quote a particular post with anything about #Openfabricai.
1 random participant won $50.
Stake and earn campaign This is a campaign that invites everyone to stake their token on the staking portal.
We rewarded everyone who stakes $OFN at this period, 30% of their total stake.

These campaigns are ended, stay tuned to our social media platforms for more exciting giveaways like these in the future.

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