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November 16, 2022 3 minutes read

Partnership Announcement – Illumishare

Openfabric is delighted to announce a new partnership with IllumiShare SRG, who are currently gearing up to launch a new gold-backed ‘Trust Token’ and ecosystem — which will define an entirely new category of cryptocurrency.

As part of this partnership, Openfabric has made IllumiShare’s $SRG tokens available as one of the payment methods on the Openfabric platform. The partnership will result in building a bridge that will enable IllumiShare token holders to access AI assets and trade on the Openfabric platform in a more convenient manner.

About IllumiShare

Illumishare makes the best use of the traditional economic approach as well as the latest financial innovations. The Royal Family of Abu Dhabi are primary official partners.

llumiShare’s Trust Token (ticker $SRG) is backed by three uncorrelated assets: gold bullion, cash and technology. IllumiShare is creating a compelling proposition by combining cutting-edge blockchain technology, tokenomics and algorithms with the tried-and-tested principles of sound money enshrined in the historical ‘Gold Standard’ — which was abandoned by former US President Richard Nixon in 1971 (when he suspended the convertibility of US dollars into gold).
IllumiShare’s Trust Token is not a stable coin. It is unique because, whilst it sets a floor price based on its correlation to physical gold and cash reserves, it has no upper limit on growth.

Phase 2 of the project includes the roll-out of an entire crypto ecosystem, including direct payment processing rails (for retail transactions); the creation of a metaverse proposition; and an NFT Marketplace with a sophisticated Anti-Fraud System, which will concentrate on the fractionalisation of investments in Real Estate, Gold, Diamonds and Agriculture.

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What Does This Partnership Entail?

The partnership between Openfabric and IllumiShare will go a long way in making AI products and services more accessible to the average user. Openfabric has added the IllumiShare crypto token as one of the payment methods on the platform. This will also foster the growth of blockchain and AI services as a whole.

Artificial Intelligence technology is set to play an ever-increasing role in the future. The applications of this technology and the potential for change are immense. Due to the strategic partnership, communities of each platform will get a chance to explore and benefit from the vast blockchain ecosystems that both platforms have to offer.

This will not only help democratize AI technology but also help increase the trust of people in the safety and security of the blockchain and AI.

More About Openfabric

Openfabric is on a mission to make AI available for all in a way that is easy to use. This will help level the playing field and enable everyone to benefit from the immense possibilities that AI has to offer.

The Openfabric marketplace presents users with an open and transparent medium to access the latest AI tools. This empowers them to solve complex problems by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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