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September 28, 2022 4 minutes read

What is Democratized AI all About?

Democratization of AI is a much-needed aspect in order to fully realize the potential that this technology has to offer. Projects like Openfabric are pioneering this movement and ensuring rapid progress towards this goal.

The Current AI paradigm

AI technology of today is not distributed evenly and is highly concentrated among the big players in the industry. The massive cost of training AI algorithms as well as the highly specialized nature of the technology results in access being limited among those who have the required resources to support and run AI. Thus, currently, big tech is leading the research, development, and use of artificial intelligence. What this means is that the entry barrier into the technology is very high and individuals and small startups face a tough time if they want to benefit from the latest developments in the AI world.

The push toward AI democratization

The first major democratization of knowledge and information occurred with the invention of the printing press in the 1400s. This invention led to the mainstreaming of knowledge in a way that was never thought to be possible before. AI democratization may very well be the next big democratization event and has the potential to bring massive change.

The goal of AI democratization is to make AI technology accessible to all. This approach will result in leveling out the playing field and ensuring that no one is left out of experiencing the wonders of AI technology. With this, the masses will be able to take on the pressing global challenges and make substantial contributions to global issues.

The highly concentrated nature of AI technology today makes democratization absolutely necessary for the technology to flourish and grow. Many startups and individuals are working to make this goal a reality.

How Openfabric is leading the movement to democratize AI

Openfabric has set its sights on making AI available for all. In this regard, it has developed an easy-to-use platform that welcomes all types of users. One does not have to be a coder to make use of the Openfabric platform. Even ordinary users can sign up on the platform in a few simple steps and get going with AI technology in no time. Openfabric has also made sure that the latest AI tools and technologies are available for use on the platform. This empowers the users to create their own AI-powered apps to solve their specific problems.

Another important factor that aids in AI democratization is the availability of data. Openfabric solves this problem and provides its users with properly vetted datasets that make the development of AI applications possible while also keeping data privacy laws in check.

One more way in which Openfabric takes the lead is the affordability factor. Today, the cost is one of the most prominent hurdles in access to AI technology. Openfabric provides its users with an affordable AI platform and additionally also enables them to monetize their work and earn income.

A future with AI for all

If we sum up the democratization framework, we come up with the few points listed below. By following these few points, we can truly make the best out of AI democratization.

  • Training
  • Governance
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Open Sourcing

For starters, it is important that the people who are making use of AI tools and technologies receive some training on how they can make the most out of the technology. This also ensures that the technology is not misused or any biases are not introduced in the final product. Openfabric provides its users with ample documentation and guidelines to enable them to make the best use of the technology.

Secondly, data integrity and data governance need to be properly addressed. Openfabric makes sure that the available data sets are of high-quality data and abide by the data standards and laws. Similarly, the debate of who owns the intellectual property rights is also an important factor in achieving true democratization.

Lastly, an ideal scenario for the democratization of AI is a future where all AI projects and products are open-sourced. This will not only help make the technology more accessible and affordable but the most important factor of trust and transparency will also be addressed. Such a future of AI democratization may not be far away. The way the open source movement is gaining traction, we might see this future emerge sooner than expected.

Learn More About the Openfabric Project

The Openfabric project is striving hard for a future where everyone has access to AI. In order to learn more about how Openfabric is working to make this dream a reality, you can visit our blog or tune in to our social media channels such as Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube for the details.

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