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June 29, 2022 3 minutes read

Announcing Partnership with Valist

Openfabric is pleased to reveal the collaboration with Valist, providing a new way for developers and DAOs to securely develop, update and deploy AI software artifacts in Web3 environments.

Nowadays, a massive amount of energy is spent on developing decentralized software; with Valist, the entire developer experience gets massively improved.

About Valist

Currently, the only option to download software is from a website or an app store. This introduces serious security concerns.

Valist enables fully Web3-native software distribution, making it simple for any developer to sign, publish, and distribute software and firmware without worrying about infrastructure, security, or PKI.

The result is a tool that offers higher degrees of security and reliability than what is possible with current, centralized Web 2.0 systems. With gasless transactions and passwordless email login support, you can get started with zero configuration.

Valist will allow you to:

  • Securely distribute any software or firmware
  • Enforce Multi-Factor software releases
  • Manage access control for developers and organizations
  • Create over-the-air update systems easily
  • Cache all of your software packages, speeding up build times and increasing infrastructure integrity
  • Allow developers to use HSMs like YubiKeys, hardware wallets, and mobile devices to sign and authorize software releases

Having a decentralized storage network enables AI developers using Valist to cut infrastructure costs and distribute software peer-to-peer without relying on cloud providers. This also opens doors for things like managing access control for developers and organizations, creating over-the-air update systems, speeding up build times, and increasing infrastructure integrity.

As a user, Valist allows you to download and upgrade software to your computer, mobile device, and smart-home devices faster and without worrying about security certificates. You can pull the latest versions from your next-door neighbor instead of from the company’s servers.

You can learn more about Valist on:

What Does This Partnership Entail?

Both of us share a common vision that has the same purpose: build a better world for the future.
Openfabric and Valist aim to collaborate and further facilitate developers by boosting the development of Web 3.0 products.

Benefits to Valist users:

  • Developers with machine learning use cases can easily tap into a growing ecosystem of models
  • Developers can share their models in a unified platform in the same place they are publishing their binaries, source, Docker images, and other artifacts
  • App consumers can discover machine learning applications in the same place they are discovering other web3 applications.

Benefits to Openfabric users:

  • Openfabric developers can publish and share their models into a wide ecosystem of web3 applications, enabling Valist projects to easily discover and integrate them
  • Openfabric developers can publish their models with their web3 identity, building Proof of Contribution as they publish and connecting their on-chain reputation with their existing identity
  • Node operators can download and maintain their binaries in a web3-native way, without relying on centralized components for software updates

Message from the Leadership

Here’s what the CEO of Openfabric, Andrei Tara has to say about the partnership:

“Openfabric and Valist share a common vision regarding the power of communities of developers and the exponential outcomes that can be achieved by enabling collaboration at a planetary scale.”

On this occasion, Alec CEO of Valist expressed the following sentiment:

“We’re excited to connect Openfabric’s machine learning network with Valist’s software distribution platform to strengthen decentralized infrastructure and expand the possibilities for developers working on critical ML problems.”

More About Openfabric

Openfabric’s mission is to introduce a powerful and exciting paradigm shift in the way people perceive the field of AI, by creating an ecosystem that sees innovation as its most valuable currency. It aims to provide a medium in which multiple types of participants from all kinds of backgrounds can bring their contributions to the table to achieve success and solve their most complex problems by incorporating the power of AI solutions.

For more information, please visit us:

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