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Openfabric AI April Highlights

May 7, 20249 minutes read

Welcome to the April highlight of Openfabric AI. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on the key moments and breakthroughs that have defined April for Openfabric. From the launch of transformative programs to the integration of enterprise solutions, and from the exponential growth of our community to the launch of new features, April has been a month of exploration, collaboration, and advancement. Moreover, join us as we celebrate the collective efforts and contributions of our vibrant community in shaping the future of finance and technology. From ambassadors spreading the word to fabricators testing the limits, from token holders staking their trust to followers amplifying our reach, each individual plays a vital role in the OFN journey.

Ambassador program is live

At Openfabric AI, we champion the strength of community. With immense excitement, we introduce the Openfabric Ai Ambassador Program – a platform inviting proactive leaders, content creators, social media experts, and quality assurance wizards to unite with us in reshaping the landscape of AI.
Our valued Ambassadors at Openfabric AI play a pivotal role in educating and engaging the broader community. They work hand-in-hand with our core team on translations, community management, hosting local meetups, and orchestrating conferences. Additionally, Ambassadors are granted the exclusive opportunity to beta-test new features of Openfabric AI and its partner products, providing invaluable feedback to drive continuous improvement.
Explore more about the program here:

Enterprise integration

The enterprise realm is undergoing a transformation with the embracing of a service-oriented perspective and the integration of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) paradigm. These systems, known for their connectivity with the physical environment and continuous process orchestration, influence the coordination of real-world entities.
Openfabric platform offers integration tools that empower enterprises with a cognitive layer. This equips them with AI services to effectively manage and optimize CPS processes, resources, and activities. Unlike traditional disruptive integration methods, our model adopts a harmonious, non-disruptive strategy with minimal impact on existing processes. This streamlined integration model operates across Cyber-Physical, Service, and Cognitive layers, fostering innovation within business ecosystems.
Learn more:

Over 1.2 million $OFN staked

Celebrate with us as we achieve a remarkable milestone of over 1.2 million $OFN staked on our dedicated platform. The buzz of excitement is palpable!
Embark on maximizing your earnings by staking your $OFN without delay at:


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Over 10k holders

The worldwide $OFN community has surpassed the milestone of 10,000 fabricators! 🌍
For further insights, visit:

164k followers on CMC

We’re excited to announce that our community on CoinMarketCap has grown to over 164k followers!
A big thank you to each and every one of you for your support and contribution!
Stay connected with us by following #openfabricai on CMC:

35k testers in 2 weeks

In just two weeks, over 35k new fabricators have taken advantage of our testnet. 🌟
Why not be the next one to join in?
Experience it yourself for free at:

What is AI Xplorer

What is Openfabric AI Xplorer? 🤔
Imagine it as your personalized App Store dedicated solely to AI! Additionally,
Whether you’re a developer, data provider, infrastructure provider, or service consumer, Xplorer serves as your AI hub.
Here’s what you can expect from AI Xplorer:
A comprehensive dashboard housing all the AI apps you require. Furthermore, Seamlessly discover, configure, and integrate AI solutions directly within your browser. Moreover, Easily download and integrate AI apps into your website or mobile device as widgets.
Start exploring now at:


Hydra is an open-source Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a unique set of economic features. Learn more:
Intract Intract is your go-to platform to learn web3, participate in quests, earn rewards, and have fun – all in one place. To celebrate our partnership, we are happy to launch a giveaway campaign. Join here:
Cluster Cluster Protocol is a proof of compute protocol and Open Source community for decentralized AI models. Learn more:
Web3 Global Web3 global is a top Crypto and NFT Conference In Dubai, Miami, Amsterdam. Learn more:

How Openfabric manages user’s identity

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding user privacy and security is paramount. Consequently, various regulations are in place to protect identities, combat identity fraud, and fortify online anonymity. At the forefront of identity management is the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) model, which empowers users with control and ownership of their digital identities. To realize SSI, decentralized technology has emerged as the predominant solution.
However, there’s a delicate balance between embracing the ideal self-sovereign identity model and ensuring the availability of users’ public attributes, even when offline.
Within the Openfabric ecosystem, identity management operates on a foundation of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Personal data is encrypted using a unique platform key (E), generated for each case. Stakeholders and assets are identified, and their identity payload is securely stored, as outlined in Figure 13 and similar encryption methods described elsewhere.
The process begins with user registration, where a pair of secret/public keys (sk, Pk) is generated locally on the user’s device. Subsequently, the user obtains certificates from the KYC/CA module for access management.
For encryption, the user requests an encryption key from the DOS, triggering the Secret Store to generate a pair of keys. The secret key remains within the Secret Store, while the encryption public key (E) is provided to the user. The ACL is then updated to associate the user with this encryption key.
Encrypted information is then stored by the user, with the DOS handling persistence off-chain and storing pertinent information on-chain. This includes the user’s public key (Pk), encryption public key (E), resource pointer (hash/address (H) of the resource), and optionally, an identifier for asset identification.
The asset identification model aligns with the stakeholder model but differs in key aspects. Assets utilize the author’s keys, eliminating the need for a separate key pair (sk, Pk). Asset identifiers are unique across the system and regenerated with each update, ensuring robust identification protocols.
For further details, you can refer to the Openfabric whitepaper available at:

What is Openfabric AI wallet?

Imagine having a pioneer wallet, asset manager, and digital assistant all rolled into one – that’s the Openfabric AI Wallet for you!
What sets this wallet apart are its incredible features:
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration: Connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, fostering a community-driven approach to innovation.
  • Reinvented Digital Asset Management: Say goodbye to traditional asset management methods – Openfabric AI Wallet revolutionizes the way you manage your digital assets.
  • Simplified Identity Management: Managing your identity has never been easier. With streamlined processes, you’re in control of your digital footprint.
  • AI Technology Everywhere: Experience the power of AI right at your fingertips. From personalized assistance to predictive insights, Openfabric AI Wallet brings AI technology to every aspect of your life.
  • With a plethora of features, #openfabricai stands at the forefront of AI-driven innovation, reshaping the future landscape of AI. Don’t miss out – join us on this extraordinary journey!

Introducing Openfabric Ai Influencer App

With the rapid advancement of technology, our means of expression have expanded exponentially. Additionally, One such pioneering development that’s caught the eye of tech enthusiasts, educators, and creative professionals alike is the Openfabric Influencer App. This remarkable application animates any face, making it talk in sync with your audio input with astonishing realism. Whether for generating digital avatars, crafting educational materials, or just for fun, the Influencer App opens up a world of possibilities.
Moreover, Transform static images into engaging videos with our app, which animates any face to talk in sync with your audio input, bringing portraits to life with stunning realism. Perfect for creating digital avatars, educational materials, or just for fun, it’s an innovative way to give voice to your photos.
For further information, you can learn more about Openfabric Ai influencer app at: 

Technology overview

Explore the World of Openfabric Technology: Decentralization, Universal Privacy, Decentralized Marketplace, and Beyond!
Embark on a journey into the heart of Openfabric’s technological landscape, where decentralization, privacy for all, and a decentralized marketplace are just the beginning!
Eager to learn more? Delve deeper into the Openfabric technology overview at


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