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February 22, 2023 4 minutes read

Partnership Announcement: Openfabric partners with Genesis Cloud to offer a robust and sustainable infrastructure for AI developers

In today’s business world, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. One way to achieve this is by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Openfabric, the first platform for building and connecting AI Apps, has partnered with Genesis Cloud, a leading provider of cloud computing services, to offer to the world a powerful combination of cutting-edge technologies that can assist in remaining competitive and expanding operations.

About Genesis Cloud

Dedicated to offering straightforward and cost-efficient solutions that allow developers to easily create, build and scale applications with confidence in the highly competitive cloud landscape. Their core values center around exceptional customer satisfaction, uncompromising product design, team collaboration, and environmental sustainability. The company makes Accelerated Cloud Computing more efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

They possess a fully software-defined cloud platform that allows for easy automation of workloads through their user-friendly dashboard or by utilizing their RESTful API.

High performance capacities:

  • Powered by 100% green energy
    Their data centers are powered solely by hydroelectric and geothermal sources. Their commitment to environmental sustainability means they strive to be powered by 100% renewable energy in all their data center facilities.
  • Accelerate any workload
    Whether you’re creating machine learning models or conducting complex data analytics, their commitment is to provide the best instance types for any size application to enable businesses with flexibility and opportunity for growth.
  • Reliable high-performance
    Gain instant access to the latest generation accelerators: Start new instances in less than two minutes and quickly automate workloads with their easy-to-use dashboard or via RESTful API.
  • Optimized for the lowest cost-to-train
    Realize up to 85% savings compared to other major cloud providers with flexible, transparent pricing. Their data centers are optimized to provide lower operating costs and better results for you than on-premise self-hosted infrastructure.

More about Genesis Cloud

Genesis Cloud is a European cloud infrastructure provider that specializes in machine learning, rendering, blockchain, transcoding, and IT security-related workloads. The company operates fully green data centers, powered by 100% renewable energy sources. Genesis Cloud GPUs provide high-performance compute power at up to 85% lower cost than other major cloud providers, making it perfect for scaling on-demand.

For more information about the Genesis Cloud visit:
Website | Twitter | Linkedin | GitHub

What Does This Partnership Entail?

This collaboration represents a big step in the direction of realizing our vision of universal AI accessibility. It has the potential to bring about transformational change and will support Openfabric’s attempts to develop cutting-edge technology leveraging AI.

Openfabric may improve and broaden the protocols by employing the Genesis Cloud infrastructure. Genesis Cloud is the perfect partner to suit our scaling demands because of its High-Performance Computing, and sustainability.

For Openfabric developers, Genesis Cloud represents a significant advancement because it offers the various hardware capabilities and the decentralized network needed to operate and train complex AI applications.

Furthermore, the combination of the Openfabric ecosystem and Genesis Cloud high-performance computing infrastructure has the potential to lead to the development of next-generation blockchain products and Web3 dApps.

A few words from the leaders

Founder and CEO of Openfabric, Andrei Tara, commented on the partnership with Genesis Cloud:

“We are all about making AI solutions that are both accessible and sustainable. By joining forces, we’re not only able to offer even more efficient and affordable AI options, but we’re also able to further our mission. With Genesis Cloud’s use of renewable energy in their data centers, we’re confident that this partnership will help us make a real difference. We couldn’t be prouder to work alongside such an innovative and competitive partner.”

Norman Behrend, Chief Customer Officer at Genesis Cloud added the following statement:

“This partnership will enable developers to easily create more powerful and efficient applications and will open up new possibilities for innovation and growth. The Genesis Cloud Team is excited to see what AI developers can create using Openfabric and our specialized infrastructure, and we look forward to helping them achieve their goals in a more sustainable way”.

More About Openfabric

A vast collection of articles on various project advancements and milestones are available on the Openfabric blog. The papers also provide a thorough explanation of how the platform works.

Visit our website for additional details about how the Openfabric platform aims to democratize AI:
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