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March Ecosystem Roundup

April 8, 202410 minutes read

As we transition into April, let’s pause to celebrate the remarkable milestones that have defined our ecosystem. From the integration of blockchain and AI with the $OFN token to the unveiling of innovative features and community engagements, March has exemplified Openfabric’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Let’s reflect on the dynamic journey of achievements and advancements that have shaped our ecosystem throughout the month of March.

Nvidia inception program

Nvidia Corporation is one of the largest developers of graphics processors and chipsets for personal computers and game consoles.

The Ai computing leader, has approved Openfabric in the Nvidia inception program. It is the third largest company by market cap with over 2.2 trillion usd.

Learn more about Openfabric Ai approval here

Introducing 3D model generator

To add to the previously available Ai apps, we are excited to announce the launch of another Ai app. The 3D model generator.

Discover the remarkable capabilities of Openfabric AI 3D Model Generator V2, where innovation meets creativity. One standout feature of this app is its seamless integration with your workflow – now, not only can you visualize your ideas within our platform, but you can also take them further by downloading the generated 3D model.

This means you’re not limited to mere visualization; rather, you can leverage the downloaded model as a foundation for intricate customization using popular 3D software such as Blender. But that’s just the beginning!

Once you’ve explored your creativity with Openfabric AI 3D Model Generator, the possibilities extend even further. With the power of 3D printing technology, you can transform your digital creations into tangible objects.

Whether you’re keen on adding personalized touches, refining the design, or seamlessly integrating it into your larger projects, the flexibility is now right at your fingertips.

Learn more about Openfabric 3D Model Generator

Openfabric verification badge on Certik


We’re excited to announce that Openfabric AI has been awarded the prestigious contract verification badge on CertiK, a testament to our commitment to security and transparency. 🥳️️

This badge signifies that our project has undergone rigorous auditing and verification processes by CertiK’s experts, ensuring the integrity and reliability of our platform.

Curious to learn more? Dive deeper into our CertiK verification at

24.29 millions of codes

At the core of the Openfabric AI Layer1 protocol lies a robust foundation comprised of 24.29 million lines of code. This vast expanse of code serves as the bedrock of our platform, underpinning its functionality and powering its capabilities.

Delve deeper into the intricate workings of our protocol and uncover the significance of this impressive codebase. Discover how each line contributes to the seamless operation and reliability of Openfabric AI.

For more insights and detailed statistics, visit:

Sticker contest

The Openfabric Ai sticker contest was once live, inviting participants to join in the excitement! 🥳

Here’s how you could have participated:

  • Crafted stickers that were relevant to #Openfabricai.
  • Uploaded them to Telegram
  • Awaited the announcement of winners.

A prize of $5 was set aside for 10 lucky random participants.
The contest ran from March 5 to March 12, providing ample time for creativity to flourish and submissions to pour in.

Ontology Model

The main challenge in establishing a fully interoperable cross-organization system is the diversity of data formats. To address this, Openfabric utilizes a protocol based on interoperable ontology models, acting as a translator between different organizational semantics. This layered architecture includes structural, connection, encoding, defaults, validation, restriction, naming, instruction, versioning, and template layers, facilitating decentralized deployment and updates. This approach aims to overcome data format discrepancies, promoting enhanced interoperability and collaboration.

Learn more:

Comparison with competitors

Openfabric is making waves in the industry with its innovative approach and technology! 🔥
To truly appreciate its impact, let’s take a look at a detailed comparison with some of the most notable competitors in the field. By examining key features, performance metrics, and user feedback, we can gain valuable insights into how Openfabric stands out from the crowd and why it’s the preferred choice for many.

March website visitor

The momentum of is unstoppable, with a staggering 326,000 visitors recorded in March alone, averaging over 12,000 visitors per day! 🤯

Since the launch of $OFN, our visitor count has soared to an impressive 2.2 million. 😱

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters and contributors for fueling our remarkable growth journey. Your continued support drives us forward as we strive to push boundaries and unlock new possibilities. Thank you for being a part of our success story!

Openfabric payment flow

A robust payment system must ensure fair, fast, and secure fund transfers between parties. This entails protocol-level enforcement of protection for all involved.

Recipients need assurance of sender solvency and payment upon job completion. Senders should only pay upon successful conclusion within a specified timeframe.

Improving user experience involves reducing response and bootstrap times. Achieving near-instantaneous system responses is possible through escrow smart-contracts and unidirectional atomic payment channels, enabling swift off-chain transactions.
Prioritizing these elements streamlines transactions, providing a user-friendly interface for enhanced satisfaction and efficiency.

AMA Sessions


Enterprise integration

In enterprise management, a service-oriented approach, driven by Cyber-Physical Systems, optimizes resource utilization. Openfabric integrates AI tools into this framework, enhancing process management and resource optimization. This integration minimizes disruption through non-invasive extension points at the workflow and microservice levels. It enables seamless coordination between physical environments, computing systems, and AI services, fostering innovation in business ecosystems.

Openfabric solution

Openfabricai is tackling the toughest challenges encountered by AI platforms.

  • Decentralization: Ensure there is no central entity controlling the location of data or information processing.
  • Usability: simplify interactions between end-users and Als by providing straightforward, nontechnical flows
  • Security: Protect end-user privacy and guarantee intellectual property rights
  • Smart Economy: Create a built-in robust exchange medium that facilitates fair transactions between supply-and-demand of Al services.
  • Interoperability: Implement the use of standardized interfaces. to allow multible Al agents to cooperate and connect in order to provide relevant answers to complex problems
  • Scalability: Expand network capabilities by allowing network participants to rent their computing power for the execution and training of Als.


Glacier Glacier is building a decentralized vector database for AI applications, and we are ready to pioneer full-stack decentralization on top of GlacierDB. Use Openfabricai apps on their telegram:
Inspolink ISPOLINK is powered by internal AI match-making algorithms. They leverage NLP to extract the experience of industry leading Web3 devs and then match it against the most relevant job opportunities. Learn more:
Edu3Labs Edu3Labs serves as a vital bridge, merging the worlds of blockchain and AI with education. By harnessing the power of blockchain and AI, Edu3Labs revolutionizes learning experiences, offering access to premium educational content tailored to your needs. Learn more:
Opentask AI OpenTaskAI is an AI+Web3 global marketplace that connects AI freelancers and business needs. This collaboration will introduce AI talent from #OpenTaskAI to #OpenfabricAI! To create a more cutting-edge AI protocol together!

Get paid for contributing to Openfabric Ai

Are you looking to be part of a dynamic AI community while earning rewards? Look no further! #Openfabricai offers various avenues for contributors to get paid while contributing to the advancement of AI technology.

Let’s explore some of these opportunities in detail:

  • Join as an Innovator: Are you an AI enthusiast with innovative ideas? Join #Openfabricai as an innovator, where you can create, launch, and monetize your AI applications. Fill out the form here.
  • Deploy Infrastructure Computing Power: Monetize your GPU system by renting it out. Check if you meet the requirements and request a role on Discord here.
  • Publish Data: Earn rewards by publishing your data on #Openfabricai. Fill out the form here.
  • Become an Ambassador: Spread the word about #Openfabricai and earn rewards as an ambassador. Submit your details here.
  • Join as a Validator: Contribute to the validation process by becoming a validator for OpenfabricAI. Apply here.
  • Become a Promoter: Monetize your efforts in promoting and growing the #Openfabricai project. Fill in your details here.

By joining Openfabricai, you not only contribute to the advancement of AI technology but also have the opportunity to earn rewards for your valuable contributions. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity – get involved today!

Openfabric Tokenomics

Are you curious about the role of $OFN in uniting the realms of blockchain and AI? Let’s delve into the tokenomics breakdown of OpenfabricAI.

  • Token Vesting: Vested tokens are distributed continuously to prevent token dumps at specific times. Stay updated on $OFN release progress here.
  • Liquidity Pool Lock: The $OFN liquidity pool is locked for 2 years on PancakeSwap V3 with the support of partners at teamfinance. This ensures stability and security for investors.
  • Audit: $OFN undergoes thorough audits by top auditors in web3, including CertiK and hackenclub. CertiK awarded #Openfabricai a 94/100 security score, while Hacken rated it 10/10. Explore the audit reports: CertiK | Hackenclub
  • Token Utility: $OFN offers various benefits to holders, including staking for platform security, earning tokens for actions on the platform, and using tokens for purchases. Learn more about $OFN utility here.
  • Medium of Exchange: Users can utilize $OFN in trading on the platform, while also participating in governance by voting on project parameters.
  • Dynamic Ecosystem: $OFN represents more than just a token; it’s a vibrant ecosystem driving innovation at the intersection of blockchain and AI.

To explore further details about $OFN and its role in the #Openfabricai ecosystem, visit the official documentation here.
Stay informed and engaged in the exciting developments of Openfabricai! 🚀


In the month of March, we announced two different events to expand our reach.

Event Date Location
ETHBucharest 27th-30th March Bucharest, Romania
Token2049 18th-19th of April Dubai, UAE


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