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June 28, 2024 6 minutes read

What is the best generative AI tool?

Creatives of all kinds are considered the spokespersons behind a brand’s online presence. It could be in an industry or an organization. However, there are times that as a creative, you need an extra boost or an extra idea to get your own ideas. In this case, what you need is the best generative AI tool.

Generative AI tools are designed tools or applications that are used to create fresh content, like images, texts, audios, videos and even code based on a particular given input. They are AI-powered tools that offer to the user a fresh perspective on ideas.
Despite the fact that a lot of generative AI tools can be found in the market right now, not all of them have the best quality. This can pose a huge problem as a creative. However, there is nothing to worry about.

In this guide, we will explore what a good generative AI tool is all about. This will help you better understand how to choose an AI tool that works best for you.

Although before we do that, let us understand what a generative AI tool is all about.

What is a generative AI tool?

A generative AI tool is a subset of artificial intelligence designed to create new data. It is different from traditional AI because unlike traditional AI which gets its data and makes predictions based on existing data, generative AI produces fresh and new content.

The ability of generative AI tools to produce fresh data is powered by the Generative Adversarial Network (GANs). These networks are deep learning architectures that generate new data from the training set fed to it. For example, a GAN trained to recognize flowers can generate photographs of flowers that are very closely authentic and original to the human eye.

For more information about GANs, refer to this article.

After understanding what a generative AI tool is, let us look at the benefits of using a generative AI tool.

Benefits of a generative AI tool

We stated earlier that generative AI tools help creatives in getting ideas for any form of new content they want. Well, here are more of the benefits of using these AI tools. They include:

Faster and easier production of content

Gone are the days where content production was a time consuming process. With these AI tools, content production has not only become faster and easier but has also become automated.

These days, creators can produce as much content as they want within a very short period of time.

In addition, if you only need content ideas the output gotten from generative AI applications can give you ideas. With these ideas, the time to create the content has been reduced which gives more time to do more.
The main takeaway is that you have new content for your use.

Data analysis

For every industry to achieve their goals, it needs to make data-driven decisions. Using a generative AI tool helps you to analyze a given set of data. The results gotten from this data includes trends, and market analysis.

With this data analysis, one can begin to make data-driven decisions that are most likely to yield positive results. This data can also be used to gain a deep understanding of your audience and their behavior.

Saves time and money

Earlier, we talked about how the best generative AI tool can help you save time. In addition to this, it also helps to save money.
Using these AI tools cuts production costs that can be saved or directed towards something else. For example, in a company that is billed hourly, using generative AI tools for tasks and automation reduces the time for production and maximizes the quantity for production.

Enhances user experience through hyper-personalization

Generative AI tools analyze the user’s behavior and combine this with their data to create a hyper-personalized experience for the user. It generates recommendations based on this data. This increases users’ satisfaction and general experience.

Constant and adaptive learning

To generate new content, generative AI is in a never ending cycle of learning and adapting. It uses existing data to compare against new data and adapts accordingly.

This ability helps it to generate results that are new and improved with every use.

Training and customization

A very important benefit of generative AI is that it is highly trainable. This capability gives it its application in various industries which we will be considering below.

Applications of the best generative AI tool


These tools can be used to write efficient codes that can be used for that particular software it was created for.

Contemporary and digital art

Generative AI has seen wide applications in contemporary and digital art. They can be used to generate unique artistic images or 3D models.

Music composition

Generative AI can help composers with new music compositions and fresh ideas for their music.


By generating videos and images, these applications are a very functional tool in the education sector. They create educational content and materials that help students learn better.

For example, they are able to create practical simulations of experiments or models that can be used in biology.

Science and medicine

By creating simulations of real life situations and practical experiences, these AI tools have made science and medical practice better. This means improved efficiency and a reduced cost incurred from failed trails.

Video composition and editing

There are generative AI tools that are used to compose and edit videos. The whole process is highly automated and easy to use.

Bad applications

Despite the fact that these AI tools are beneficial, they can be exploited for malicious use. For example, generation of malicious images or printing of harmful 3D models.

It poses a threat to the free use of these tools.

Qualities of the best generative AI tool

Easy to use

A good generative AI tool should be easy to use by anyone regardless of the level of their technical knowledge. It should have a user friendly interface to maximize its efficiency

High output quality

The aim of using these AI tools is the content it produces. As such, the final product must be of high quality and aligned with the given input.

Integration with other tools

The level of compatibility with other tools also affects the workflow when using a generative AI tool. The best generative AI tool is compatible with other tools which makes it easier to work with.

Customization and control

When using these AI tools, one must be able to fine tune and customize it to get the intended results.

Cost and accessibility

A good generative AI tool should not be expensive and difficult to access. The costs of its total package including any licensing fees must be budget-friendly.

Using Openfabric AI as a generative AI tool

Openfabric AI has the best AI tools! Here is why.

On an all AI tools integrated platform, we have created a gem in this era that is spreading across various industries.
Our goal is to create a platform that is cost-friendly and very easy to use for everyone. In addition to this, the platform also gives users the opportunity to make money through tasks and win tokens. Therefore, users can earn while getting creative.
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users, as such there are protocols in place to ensure that your data is kept safe and used to improve your experience on the platform.

In Openfabric, we have a lot of AI tools like Artfabric, Memefabric, Soundfabric, and many more that are available on testnet.

Our platform has a variety of integrated generative AI tools that can be used to explore the depths of your creative mind. On our platform, the only limitation is you.

A lot of big industries are investing in generative AI. In a survey of about 200 companies in the US with at least $5 billion, show that $13.1 million averagely was spent on generative AI. This is a picture of the revolution coming with generative AI tools.
Do not get left behind! Go to the Openfabric website to begin your journey with the best generative AI tool.

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