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July 5, 2024 6 minutes read

June Ecosystem Roundup

As the curtain falls on June, let’s take a look at notable events that happened in the month. This includes various events like new website launches, giveaways, partnerships, New blogs.

New website update

We entered a new era with a major update on our website!

The new website comes with a lot of amazing features that eases users’ experience and makes it easier to navigate.

This new era is not only about a website update but also different plans that includes Marketplace Update, Protocol Update, Payment system, Mobile Application and many more that are yet to be released.

Visit our website to see what this new update looks like:

What to expect from us in this new era?

As said earlier, this new era does not come with only a website updates but comes with a lot of other features that we will take a look at one by one.

Marketplace Update

We have a testnet with 5 free AI Apps. Users feedback from this testnet has been used to improve the marketplace.

The marketplace is a platform similar to App Store and play store but broader. Developers can create AI apps with our tools and list them on marketplace, users can go to this marketplace to purchase any AI application they want.

You can learn more about this update on our blog.

Mobile application

All you need in one place. The mobile application is an application that will include the

  1. AI Pay: Where you can pay online using this application.
  2. The AI wallet: Similar to trust wallet where you can store your cryptocurrency. The AI wallet will be available in the application.
  3. Swap: Swap your tokens just got easier with Openfabric AI mobile wallet.
    Why do you need multiple platforms to pay, store, and swap your tokens when you can do it all in one application?

Microjob AI App

Remember the community platform? We are bring it back with style!
This Microjob AI app is an app to get paid for completing tasks and get real reward.

Here’s how it works
Anyone can promote their social media post on this app. Yes, You can also promote your content with this application. All you need is to share your content and add the reward for the people that complete your task. These tasks will be reviewed by our team and we will reward accordingly.


Here are a couple of things we assumed our community members should know. But, did you know?

1.That we ranked No. 10 best project on certik before launch.

This is ranked by the product, the community, and other things that proves the solidity of the project.

This position was among other huge projects like polygon, and others.

2. Did you know that the tokenomics is designed for a long-term, sustainable economy?


  • We allocated an Innovation fund to attract crypto enthusiasts and AI pioneers to build on our protocol and earn monetization opportunities.
  • The OFN team’s 36-month vesting period includes a 16-month cliff, demonstrating their long-term commitment and dedication to the building.
  • Partners fund – is designed to merge AI with blockchain technology facilitating token bridge creation, integration, and partnerships.
    Learn more about the tokenomics.


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Partnerships in June

What is ecosystem roundup without partnership?
Partnership is a way to expand our ecosystem. Even though there are so many illegitimate projects, we carefully selected and partnered with two tech giants.

Stage AI Stage revolutionizes the music industry by merging Idol-style addictive music competitions with SocialFi. Learn more about Stage:
Bhane AI Bahne AI is a decentralized project that turns your internet bandwidth to cash. Learn more about Bahne AI:

Token buy back

In our plans to strengthen the value of the token, we bought some tokens back from the market.

The purpose of buying back is to increase the value of $OFN and also to increase our investors trust.

You can purchase $OFN on multiple exchanges that you can find in Coinmarketcap.

Website visit in June

After the new website launch, we had a lot of traffic. The improved user interface and experience makes the new website addictive and the website visit increased.

In the month of June, since the new website launched, we had over 500k Website visitors.

Visit the website.

Blog posts uploaded In June

Throughout the month of June, we released several blogposts to guide our community members on what they need to know about technology and AI development. Let’s take a look at these blogs.

Development of technology from stone age to AI From the time of the first men, innovation has been key to the survival of the human race. From Stone Age to Ai. Development in technology continues! Learn more about the development of technology:
Ecosystem RoundUp May started and ended with lots of amazing news from the team. Let’s take a look at what happened at Openfabric AI in May.
Strategic AI Trend Since last year, AI has been trending in every sector. Let’s take a look at AI Trends in 2024 for Businesses
Future of AI in digital marketing Digital marketing is nearly as old as the internet itself!
Initially, it was limited to static websites and online ads. In the late 90s and early 2000s, businesses saw its marketing potential, leading to AI integration. Learn more:
What is the best generative AI Creatives of all kinds are considered the spokespersons behind a brand’s online presence. It could be in an industry or an organization. However, there are times that as a creative, you need an extra boost or an extra idea to get your own ideas. In this case, what you need is the best generative AI tool. Read more:


As we wrap up June, it’s clear that this month has been a milestone in our journey. From the launch of our new website to the launch of new features and updates. We are committed to continue the development that will push the project forward and also to increase the community trust.

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